Myanmar: A Land of Pagodas and Palaces

25th – 2nd December, 2018 | 8 Days / 7 Nights




We went on our maiden trip to Myanmar in December 2016, and ever since we haven’t been able to stop talking about this spectacular country. So, we have decided to go overboard and make Myanmar our yearly destination, of which you can be a part too.

We will start our trip from Yangon, the most happening city of Myanmar.
Imagine the colonial buildings of Kolkata and Mumbai, but slightly denser and older — that is Yangon for you in a nutshell. Though the buildings in Yangon are crumbling and fading, the city hasn’t lost its charm.
Then we will move on to Bagan.

If God had a bucket list, we believe Bagan would be on top. Picture green and gold plains stretching out before you, with thousands of temples (pagodas) dotting the landscape.
Bagan, is one of Asia’s richest archaeological sites. The view it holds is awe‐inspiring, and it is like nothing you have ever seen before.

Later, from Bagan we will move on to Lake Inle.
The locals like to call it the Venice of the east. But that’s an under‐sell.
Lake Inle is a 22 km long and 10 km wide freshwater body, which has no roads or pavements around it.
Everyone gets to ride in long fancy boats painted with bright cheerful colors. You can also see fishermen boasting their unique one‐legged paddling technique, which you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

We will spend two nights in this magical location before we fly back to Yangon and stay in luxurious 4-star hotels at great locations in all destinations, so that you enjoy the finest hospitality that Myanmar has to offer.

Cost :
USD 1750 till May 15
USD 1800 till July 15
USD 1850 post that

Given the highly volatile exchange rate in the current market scenario, we are quoting prices in USD. This way we can pass on any exchange rate advantage to you in case the rate drops
(Booking amount is INR 10,000. Complete payment is due 75 days before the trip and we will take the amount in INR at the buying rate of the USD valid on that day)

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$1750 till May 15

$1800 till July 15

$1850 post that

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