We believe the world is “WONDERFUL”!

And we feel that every woman should be free to escape on a journey of discovery, adventure and fun, even when hubby, papa, bhaiyya or boyfriend are not game. Wonderful World offers tried and tested travel for all women who like travel, adventure and discovery. We scout for and visit unique places of breathtaking beauty, heading out into unknown worlds, savouring local flavours and life, experiencing popular cultural and historical traditions.

Our endeavour is to hook up with the best places to stay at – and to make your travel comfortable and safe. We only book a place once it meets our standards. We travel with you, in relatively small groups to allow you to make your journey your own individual experience.On request, we also offer customized tailor-made packages to suit your individual travel preference.

We are following a dream and Like us, Every woman should be free to escape a mundane city routine for a journey of Discovery, adventure and fun

With an army man for a father, Shibani has been on the move as far back as she can remember. Her adult life has been dominated by planning vacations to her dream places, and saving every penny she ever earned to make these plans work. An avid (and obsessive as some would say) planner of vacations and itineraries, felt the need for an outfit like Wonderful World to satisfy her own need – of like minded company to travel with.

One of the most memorable experiences was the time spent in Lahaul and Spiti – travelling and living with the locals. She is currently chasing two dreams simultaneously – learning how to play the piano and making a living out of travelling.

Liane was bitten by the travel bug at age seven, when she tried, (unsuccessfully) to smuggle starfish home from Goa in her luggage!
Since then, life has been a series of adventures. She loves chaos and order with equal passion and is as at home in a tent on the hillside, as she is in a 7 star resort. None of it matters, except the experience of travel, the sheer joy of living in the now, seeing new places and meeting new people.